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10th Muse #1

Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Roger Cruz (p), Oclair Albert/Edde Wagner (i)

Publisher: Tidal Wave Studios/Avatar

Love the introductions that Marv Wolfman does in 10th Muse #1 as the reader is introduced to such colorful characters like: Orion the Hunter, Overthrow, The Guardsman. Then Marv takes you on a wild ride into a story that takes you to places unknown. Emma Sonnet aka the Muse is dynamic in this action packed story.

You will have fun in the sun as Atlas steps in and makes his appearance at Muscle Beach – Venice, California. There is some slapstick comedy as Atlas gets slapped and is accused of trying to steal someone’s babe. If you want evil, then look towards the way of Overthrow!

Beautiful colors, beautiful artwork that will have your jaw agape in wonder as you see some of your favorite heroes in flight. The story is exceptional, especially when you know you are dealing with a villain that feeds on energy. Lots of energy!

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