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Vampirella #14

Posted: Sunday, November 24, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Ben Raab
Artists: Manuel Gracia(p), Jimmy Palmiotti(i), Andy Troy, Arisia Rozegar and Avalon Studios(c)
Publisher: Harris

"Wilding Sanction" Part Four

This Vampirella tale is not Ben Raab's proudest moment. Although he explains the actions of the villain, the reader still has unanswered questions: the biggest one being why do it. Not good given that he already explained.

The idea of Komodo seeking power doesn't exactly ring true when the lizard has strength, speed and longevity. He also possesses magic that far surpasses the science of man. He would make a small fortune doing birthday parties alone, and he probably can usurp David Copperfield's position in the entertainment world if he put his mind to it. Instead, he colludes with the Hexxen who are connected we learn to Vampirella. The revelation seems to be leading somewhere big, but it's treated as a throw away line in story that's pieced together from spare parts.

Another question that comes to mind is why now. Why wait all these years until Vampirella gets wind of everything to carry out the plans? Wilding it's suggested was rich before this story began, and I just don't see why Komodo could not have fed him to the Hexxen before Vampirella and the paranormal investigators in the Circus found out about the scheme. You can argue that we would not have a story, but I can argue equally that that's the point.

The story really just doesn't have a reason to exist. It doesn't entertain. It bores. It lacks Ben Raab's usual enthusiasm. See his work on the Phantom if you doubt my review. This issue of Vampirella despite being drawn with care by the always welcome work of Manuel Garcia and colored with a consummate skill merely puts the characters through an uninteresting routine.

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