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Highway 13 #8

Posted: Saturday, November 9, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Runnin on Fumes"

Writer/Artist: Les McClaine, Steve Sylvain (ink assists)
Publisher: Amaze Ink

Honestly, I don't have a concrete idea what happens to be going on in this issue of Les McClaine's Highway 13, but darned if it isn't interesting. There seems to be a secret military testing occurring that echoes the Nazis attempts to harness Zero Point Energy mixed in with the Matoon Gasser urban legend.

Series baddies McCallister and Artie are on hand to be sinister and catalysts for trouble, and Mr. McClaine introduces a cosmic baddie named Dave in a manner that for some reason has me humming singer/song writer Patty Larkin's "Dave's Holliday."

What really sells the book are the characters. John Roberts, Lucinda and Garth comprise an interesting team of hero adventurers who battle the occult and various weirdness abroad. Their dialogue is minimal, but when they speak, words are not wasted, and the nature of Lucinda and Garth appeals with a freshness in the placement of the myth.

The artwork of Highway 13 is also a strong asset. The crisp, clean black and white artwork has a flair for cartooning that still loses none of the dramatic impact. The scene for instance when Lucinda and Garth transform exhibits a horror auteur's sense of timing. Furthermore, the backgrounds while uncluttered do not look empty, and the stars do not operate in their own dimension to paraphrase the crew of the Satellite of Love. Extras mill about throughout the story giving it a big budget feel.

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