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Micronauts #3

Posted: Saturday, November 9, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Scott Wherle
Artist: Eric Wolfe Hanson (p), Barbara Schulz/Steven Hall (i)

Publisher: Image

Micronauts #3 is an exceptional story that delves on past secrets. For example the reader is introduced to Koriah aka the Galactic Defender. She is no mere superhero, she inherits the title Galactic Defender because at one time there were many Galactic Defenders, they were of a peacekeeping protectorate.

I would like to see a future story in which there will be more in depth study on this peace keeping force that no longer exists, except for one, that being Koriah. So much suspense and drama as it is announced that Biotron is offline. Then the heavy laced drama between Princess Persephone as she is in training. She shows much bravado and self confidence.

Her trainer General Nova catches her off guard and her self confidence is shattered only for a moment. Then the tension between General Nova and Lord Karza gave me the willies, seeing how protective Lord Karza is with the Princess. There was an icy chill that came along with the appearance of Lord Karza. Plenty of good action as the Iso-pens are down.

With the great artwork and this magnificent story, how could I ever complain?

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