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Comic Effect #31 (Fall 2002)

Posted: Saturday, October 26, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: Jim Kingman
Contact Information: Jim Kingman, PO Box 2188, Pasadena, CA 91102-2188

One of the things I love about Comic Effect is that Jim Kingman will go out of his way to find some talented artists for his cover art and his back cover artwork and I was simply amazed at the fine beauty of the front and back covers of this outstanding ‘zine that is dedicated to give you the reader some of the greatest comic book reviews that are exceptionally detailed with historical information about a comic book from our past.

If you like going down memory lane, this is the ‘zine for you! I always love reading ‘Letter from the Editor’ because Jim will incorporate part of his life story into this letter. This time he talks about how he observed the 25th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death by pulling out Superman #317 (November 1977). You’ll get a nice surprise in the middle of this ‘zine as you will find ‘Big Time Fan Trivia Contest’, information on the Origins of the Blackhawks….Many Origins over Many Years.

Some of the great comic books that are reviewed for this issue are as follows: Justice League of America #9; The Amateur Philosopher #1/The Staros Report 1996; Amelia Rules! By Jimmy Gownley; Fantastic Four #56; Jonah Hex #29 and #32; The Hulk 1978-1981; Tarzan #236; The Editor’s 100 Favorite Comic Books of His Time that discusses everything from the Justice League of Justice to Nick Fury – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., The New Traveller’s Almanac which connects many fantasy lands together; Captain America #125; In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe 2002 – Vertigo/DC Comics and finally Batman in Detective Comics #437 – 443!

That is a lot of reviews in one digest!! You have to spend some time with this booklet to absorb all of the information that it contains! This is the ‘bible’ to comics of our past!! Get it now!

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