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Zendra 2.0: Heart of Fire #4

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Stuart Moore
Artist: Martin Montiel(p), J.C. Bulena(i), Mike Garcia(c)
Publisher: Penny Farthing

A fascinating turn of events involving the Aesirians and the Jekkarans plays out on the topside while down below Halle and company try to get to the heart of the machine in order to stop what's affecting the humans.

Not as much action occurs in this issue of Zendra, but nevertheless, the confidence in dialogue made interesting with a strong word choice and plot twists compel you to read further. Halle's courage as Zendra's champion impresses in extraordinary scenes in which she quells whatever fear she might have to do the just thing.

Artwork in this issue while being dark and red topside still shocks with a superb understanding of proportion and scale. This attention to realism makes the Jekkrans that much more menacing due to their monstrous appearance.

The two women down below are drawn with distinction and dignity. Their faces while being beautiful are expressive and captivating. The males do not suffer by comparison, and they too are allowed to be heroic even if Halle is the real star.

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