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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Infinities #2

Posted: Sunday, October 13, 2002
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Dave Land
Artists: Davide Fabbri (p), Christian Dalla Vecchia (i)

Publisher: Dark Horse

This is issue two in the four-issue limited series, posing the question - what if Luke had been killed by the Wampa at the start of The Empire Strikes Back, how would the film have progressed from that point?

This particular issues covers the rebels' adventures on Bespin and the beginnings on Dagobah - they make it to Bespin before Vader in this version of events, but not before Boba Fett. However, knocking Fett down proves a lot simpler than Vader in the movie, and you might be surprised who actually ends up being frozen in carbonite by the issue's end - if not, then by the fate of the frozen guy at least.

The rebels head away from Bespin just in time, Vader hits town...literally. He's one smart cookie, and there's a great sequence of him earning his revenge, which would've rocketed the costs of the movie had it been filmed, but would've been an awesome set piece of pyrotechnics to watch.

As the gang hit Dagobah, it's finally revealed whom Luke's mysterious message in issue one was intended for, and plot revelations formerly at the end of the movie are made much earlier, to change character dynamics somewhat.

The art by Fabbri and Dalla Vecchia is spot on as always, excellent interpretations of the cast; the only problem with the story is that it does feel a little light, a little meaningless - after all, it's only an Elseworlds, a What If, and yet it takes so much from the movie (albeit with the occasional nice spin) which was the best of the trilogy in the first place, and doesn't really improve on it.

What I am looking forward to is the Return Of The Jedi Infinities series, where the Ewoks should get torched by a whole set of flamethrowers...

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