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GI Joe #10

Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts & [Craig Lemon]

“Reckonings, Part Four of Four”

Writer: Josh Blaylock
Artists: Steve Kurth (p), John Larter, Barb Schulz & Ray Snyder (i)

Publisher: Image Comics

The GI Joe teams goes through precise teamwork that calculates every situation, then they make their moves fast! There is more action in this comic book than in the Vin Diesel movie Triple XXX. Storm Shadow did an amazing avoidance technique that threw the GI Joe team for a loop. That was a great flip and it was shown perfectly with the amazing penciling of Steve Kurth. Storm Shadow is very elusive and does a brilliant thing by donning a Greenshirt uniform. In avoiding capture it is important to blend with your pursuers and Storm Shadow does exactly that.

Snake Eyes is wounded, and let me tell you, the way he gets it and the effect it has on him is gruesome indeed. One inch further along and it would’ve been night-night Snakey; as it is, the wound is so bad that he and his compadres realize that this is a man that is due for a vacation, so he can heal his wounds. He is the backbone of this team and he has proven himself over and over again. However, is there something going on behind the scenes when we realize that Snake Eyes should not even have been on the mission in the first place???

Zarana is one evil lady and when she tells the Cobra Commander that she can handle things, I don't doubt her the least bit! The preview cover for the next issue intimates that #10 will showcase her in depth, she’s Zartan’s sister and we should learn an awful lot more. This was truly an excellent issue!

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