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Sigil #27

Posted: Monday, August 19, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Chuck Dixon, Andy Smith, Brad Vancata, Matt Milla
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

Samandahl Rey has godlike powers because of his Sigil powers. Others who have evil in their hearts think he still can be hurt. Can a Sigil bearer go over the threshold of mortality and become an ultimate godlike being and be completely immune and invulnerable? Has Sam reached that mark?

Sam has great responsibilities fall upon him in Sigil #27, as it is mentioned he is responsible for 400 billion lives. It sickened me to see the nasty little lizard babies. I didn't think they were cute and as soon as they showed their teeth, that was it for me. I was glad when the Marines took out the attacking lizard babies.

Madame President has plenty to be thankful for and it was great seeing her acknowledge the heroism of Sam in saving Gaia. A hero's work is never done, as Sam now has a new mission of taking out the monster known as Khyradon. The Union should not worry on how Sam received his power. Curiosity killed the cat or hasn't anyone told the Union this?

When Sam teleports he connects many of the other CrossGen worlds, but he is missing a few like The Way of the Rat, Route 666 and The Ruse. I'm still waiting to see The Ruse, Route 666 and The Way of the Rat connection, but I am a little ambivalent because we’re not supposed to have any cross-overs or intermingling of the CG worlds, yet here’s Sam wondering around (supposedly) at will…ok, so the central conceit of the Sigil and the beings who gifted the sigils on the bearers links all the books, with The First stepping in to more than one book too linking things together, but we don’t want to force people to read other stories for crappy DC-like crossover reasons…

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