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Wonderverse: Nexus #2

Posted: Friday, August 16, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Jason Kottler, Jona Kottler, Chayne Avery, Russell Garcia
Publisher: Opposite Number Comics

Here is a letter I recently wrote to Jason & Jona Kottler: Wow! I just came back from my vacation! I went to San Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and delighted myself with laying out in the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema sipping a Pina Colada! One of the greatest experiences was to actually ride and later pilot a boat called the Deusada Liberdade on the Bay Sepetiba, and making brief stop overs at islands Martins & Maria Russa. Anyway, I am back and ready to do my escapism through comic books and found your comic book The Wonderverse - Nexus Book Two of Four to be quite amazing!

I found this baby at A1 Comics and knew nothing about it, until Brian Peets, the owner showed me! I have always been fascinated by Nikola Tesla. There have been some great articles about Tesla in Fortean Times. This man was a genius on the same level as Albert Einstein, but never received the full recognition that he should have received. I found it marvelous that you have placed a historical character into your storyline. I was completely enthralled with the magic bullets. Black Jack seems to be a nasty character and knowing that he is into extortion, just makes him a tad more nastier. The elite go to the Prospero Club and the way this club was described, I felt like I have been there myself. Excellent story telling on Jason and Jona's part.

I also felt like I was getting into the mind of the inspector as he investigates the shooting. With the mysteries thrown out here and there, I didn't know what to expect next. The strange costumed characters places more mystique into the story. I couldn't help but feel somewhat sorry for Bergman-Jones as he is placed in a dire situation. Now he is being kicked out of England and will be placed in exile. All I can say is, what will happen next? I had a thrill a minute with this exceptional comic book! Thank you for taking me on another vacation!

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