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The Victorian #14

Posted: Monday, August 12, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Trainor Houghton; Len Wein
Artists: Claude St. Aubin(p), Mustaffa Moussa(i), Chris Chuckry(c)
Publisher: Penny-Farthing

As I read The Victorian my jaw dropped open. Surprise after plausible surprise ties together the separate threads running through volumes one and two. I cannot say more without compromising the delight a reader will feel upon experiencing each twist. So, I shan't.

Trainor Houghton's idea continues to shine through the pages. Len Wein shows his scripting hasn't with age suffered and provides artist Claude St. Aubin a clear path to follow.

Mr. St. Aubin's artwork in response to the quality of writing is crisp and precise. Inker Mustaffa Moussa accents the art noveau detail. Colorist Chris Chuckry uses a limited palette but stretches those colors into as many vibrant shades he can. Incidentally, your eyes are not playing tricks. That is a Neal Adams cover.

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