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Fantastic Four #59

Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Ever Lovin Blue-Eyed End of the World" Part 3

Writer: Adam Warren
Artists: Keron Grant(p), Derek Fridolfs, Scott Hanna(i)
Publisher: Marvel

Vile. Putrid. That this story didn't turn out to be an ale-induced nightmare boggles the mind. Instead, Adam Warren uses his rotten story to find a cheap, cheesy method to once again permanently turn Ben Grimm into the Thing. That is until another writer finds a way to revert him back or back and forth to normal.

The rationale behind the story makes no sense. The idea of The Thing's rocky skin being upset that it suddenly doesn't exist when he turns to Ben Grimm lacks the power provided by a single gray cell.

First we have to accept that unlike human skin, Ben Grimm's rocky outer skin is living. The first layer of the epidermis is dead. Beneath it lies living tissue. Second, we have to accept that rather than simply be unintelligent dead cells, the live rocky skin of Ben Grimm will eventually evolve intelligence. Third, we must accept that the intelligence of the rocky skin will permit it to also gain a vocabulary close to a drunken Ben. Fourth, we must accept that the slight brain-power of the rocky skin will allow it to comprehend its own existence. The rocky skin apparently can read Jean Paul Sarte. Fifth, all of this we must accept must occur after Ben Grimm dies. His rocky legacy apparently lives on.

This multiplies entities far too much. I don't accept this drivel as a story. I don't accept this dreck as a limerick. This offal is merely a nonsensical means to an end. The pathos of Ben Grimm is back but at what cost to the reader's brain?

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