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DK2 #3

Posted: Sunday, August 4, 2002
By: Craig Lemon

Writer/Artist: Frank Miller
Publisher: DC

You know what? It doesn't matter what I say about this book, it will still sell in droves. Because, like me, all you poor mugs who splashed out eight bucks on both books one and two will just do exactly the same on book three to complete the set. Fan boy mentality; it stinks - and so does DK2 #3.

But it doesn't stink as badly as #2 did.

And, you know what, read the three books together in one sitting, and, as long as you concentrate, it all does make some sort of vague sense, there is a sort of plot there, and it does come off as being vaguely enjoyable.

But not worth anywhere near $24. DC should be ashamed of themselves. How late is this book? Four months? Five? Rumours of rewrites...rumours of half the book having to be redrawn...who knows the real situation behind the delay to this concluding volume, but now it's out, who cares, right? And I notice the hardback is solicited in Previews right about now, well what a surprise.

Put this book together with DKR and you would think that Miller has been seriously ill in the intervening period. Singer/songwriter Matt Johnson of "the The" fame once said he hated that some people liked his older songs much more than his newer stuff, as he would expect to have grown as a songwriter in the interim and therefore his newer work should naturally be better than his old work.

It's a shame that Miller apparently doesn't feel the same, the whole book reeks of being hackwork, knocked out for a quick buck - the overriding premise of the series, that Bats comes back from retirement after three years to shake up the US government, to show Luthor and Brainiac have been pulling the strings all along, and to shake up Supes and WW from their blackmailed servitude, is okay, but hardly earth-shattering, and it could easily have been dealt with in much less space.

Throw in an emergency apparent-Joker re-appearance for no discernible reason other than to provide a double climax with a dozen pages to go, and you have an ending that feels totally rushed. Couple that with the last couple of pages of Bats escaping certain doom, and you feel that maybe part of this Joker storyline was inserted at the last minute, along with the sudden-death-escape, to allow for continuation next year. The original storyline with Bats dying at the end would've provided the closure that DKR wimped out on at the last minute, and given the whole a little bit of dignity. But, as it stands, we get a wink from the stars, as if to say, bring on the cheque book next year, folks, we've got more of this crap to get through yet.

If this is an example of how DC feel they can beat Marvel in the marketplace, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in deep trouble in the next twelve months. Certainly Alessi's boast of CrossGen being bigger than DC within two years seems eminently achievable.

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