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Negation #8

Posted: Monday, July 29, 2002
By: Craig Lemon

Creative Force: Tony Bedard, Paul Pelletier, Dave Meikis, James Rochelle
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

In Negation #8, beings from other worlds have been captured and now they face down a terrifying force. That force being the Lawbringers, feared enforcers that are merciless. We the reader are reminded that the Lawbringers wiped out all life on 7 worlds in the Kremmin Continuum. People scurry around in fear and horror.

Shassa pops up and shows that she can stand up to a Lawbringer and faces down Qztr himself. One of the most deadliest of the Lawbringers. Qztr is a name only to be whispered, but here we have Shassa fighting him tooth and nail. Shassa is fortunate that she has the Sigil power, because it is able to absorb the power of Qztr.

While things look up for Shassa, then the realization of tragedy hits as Javi gets a hole blown threw his chest. A climatic ending that tantalizes the imagination of the reader!

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