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Tangled Web #16

Posted: Thursday, July 25, 2002
By: Richard Frankel


Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Leandro Fernandez

When Tombstone befalls a heart attack during a bank robbery, an unknown assailant whom they believe to be the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man easily captures him. No one really knows, and ain’t that a pickle! Tombstone is sent to THE CAGE (Oh NO!), the Ultra, Ultra Secure asylum for convicts where he is probed and analysed and finally put to no good use. He begins forming a clan of other convicts and tries to bring down a leader of a rival gang.

Now here’s a surprise issue of Tangled Web. I was thinking of cutting out this book to lack of interest of the one shot issues in the series but after reading half of this issue at the shop, I found it interesting and picked it up. The premise was quite simple. Tombstone captured and put in a prison for convicts. The issue was fun, the writing sharp and the art very colourful. I haven’t come across this creative team before but with this issue they really show off their talent.

The rival gang leader’s Australian accent is hilarious; it really comes off as authentic in the writing. The angles and originality of facial expression in Fernandez’s art is equally impressive. The pacing of the story is great. The art complements the story and dialogue to make the story flow with ease. The only surprise being that the story was not a one shot, but a two-issue tale. I don’t want to reveal the ending, but the story as a whole was very enjoyable.

Final Word:
I was thinking of giving up this series, but this new creative team has instilled new hope for the one shot genre. Take note of the writer and artist, Daniel Way and Leandro Fernandez. Tangled Web gives new creative teams the chance to show off their talents using characters from the Marvel Universe. It’s a good idea on Marvel’s part to show that they’re interested in bringing new faces onto their team. If you’ve been hesitant coming aboard these series of one shots, then you should take another look. They tell good stories from people who have something of meaning to say.

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