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Science Fiction Darkside #2

Posted: Thursday, July 18, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: Nebula Books/David Owens

Holy cow! A lousy buck fifty and I can get this nice sized zine that is filled with great stuff. I hate to even call this newsletter a ‘zine, because it’s professionally done and could easily be mistaken for a magazine. Okay, you’re probably thinking, what’s in this thick ‘zine?

Well, you get Space: 1999 Chronology; technical information on Eagle Transporter (plus some good blueprint drawings of the Eagle Transporter – you get various views of the ship); Commlock Communication Device technical information; biographical information on Moonbase staff members, along with illustrations; information on Space: 1999 aliens.

Hmm…what else you might ask? How about a story called ‘Sparkling Memories’ by Joel Owens, an episode guide; a five-page sci-fi story done comic book style – created by Jon Gilbert and Seppo Makinen. Beyond Spandex column by Jon Gilbert, Yul Tolbert sci-fi artwork and MORE! This ‘zine has the potential to shake up the sci-fi world with its fabulous information. There is plenty to read and look at. This ‘zine will definitely keep you away from the video games and from TV!! For a buck fifty you get lots of entertainment!

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