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Skinwalker #2

Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Nunzio DeFilippis & Christine Weir
Artist: Brian Hurtt, Arthur Dela Cruz(finishes)
Publisher: Oni

The second issue of Skinwalker strengthens the characters while adding a compelling element to the mystery. The cast also becomes more complex, but while the support staff are given degrees of dimension, they take none of the searchlight away from the stars.

The artwork of Brian Hurtt works well with the story an especially the dialogue. The exchanges he depicts between Adaki and Haworth give more impact to the authors' words.

The only drawback to the book is the dark shading. I know the mood the shaders try to achieve, but they overdo it and leave an overall muddy cast that makes the artwork sometimes difficult to discern.

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