Scooby-Doo #61

Posted: Sunday, June 16
By: Ray Tate
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"Perfect Link"
Writer: Frank Strom
Artists: Vincent DePorter, Paul Becton(c)

"Beat the Devil"
Writer: John Rozum
Artists: Joe Staton(p), Horacio Ottolini(i), Paul Becton(c)
Publisher: DC

The first story offers the reader a pure tale of humor. Frank
Strom puts Freddie Jones on a Blind Date type of show with a
hilarious name. His date may be impressed by Fred's good looks and
physique, but she is not impressed by his thirst to solve

"Perfect Link" is another story that plays with the concept of
Fred and the others being eternal teenagers. The highly recommended
Scooby-Doo movie does the same. Immediately the victim of the
night comments on Freddie's dated ascot and the Mystery Machine.

As the date progresses, Freddie keeps bumping into "nut jobs in
masks" as well as other members of Mystery Inc. who correct his
inaccurate deductions. Even Shaggy and Scooby manages to hoist Fred
on his own petard. Clearly this is not his night, and the evening
just gets steadily worse.

Vincent DePorter who penciled and inked some fine The
Adventures of the DCU
does stellar work here. Fred's always
grinning. Velma's characteristic walk is dead-on, and Charlene's
reactions to Fred's seeming mental instability gives her more
character than her curves would normally suggest. Mr. DePorter also
manages to include some grin-worthy slapstick as when Fred reacts as
if Charlene were Daphne and knows exactly what he is planning.

The second story by John Rozum continues the quest for the pieces
of the Dragon's Eye. This time in Italy, the gang encounter the devil
himself. Mr. Rozum and Mr. Staton admirably make this mystery
slightly more spooky by insinuating some nontraditional horror
imagery. Best of all Daphne earns the center stage, and I did not see
the link to Shaggy coming although I should have been able to hear
the hoof-beats.

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