Cla$$war #2

Posted: Wednesday, May 29
By: Craig Lemon
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Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Trevor Hairsine

Publisher: Com.X (

The american government is teetering on the brink, resignations left, right and center, all due to the American's revelations last issue. The President realizes (finally) that maybe he's not as in control of the country as he'd like to be - there are more powerful men influencing everything he does - and, at the moment, he's safe, but is in no way to distract the country's attention from domestic problems?

Meanwhile, the American continues his campaign to root out and publicise corruption in the upper echelons of US society, by intercepting a drug run whose profits are destined for the CIA...unfortunately said run happens to be protected by another super-powered human...

One of the most frustrating series in comics - entirely down to the scheduling. Oh for the opportunity to have the whole series completed and then solicited and shipped on a monthly basis, but this remains a pipe-dream unless a sugar daddy can fund it all! Even if monthly shipping would boost sales enormously...

It's a great title, a real breath of fresh air into a tired genre, one that doesn't rely on the shock value of revealing secret identities, or of constantly changing powers and/or costumes. Such is the advantage of having a dedicated world to play in, where anything can and probably will happen.

It does feel a little like Smith and Baikie's The New Statesmen on occasion, but with a much more restricted cast of characters you have a far better chance of keeping track of what is going on from issue to issue. Hairsine's art is excellent as in #1, losing him after #3 will be a big loss to the series, unless Com.X can line up someone special to fill his shoes.

Final Word:
A worthy second issue, keeping up the pace of the first. The whole thing makes you want the remaining issues next week, let alone in a couple of months time.

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