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Happy Monday, kids! I hope that your weekends were full of Riddler trophies and Achievement points in Batman: Arkham Asylum. But the weekend is over and the real world begins. You know, the one where you're NOT a caped vigilante who beats the hell out of people who work for dudes that want to kill you. So, I hope you did not punch anyone at work this morning or hang them by their ankles over the side of a building until they tell you where your stapler is. I know work would be more enjoyable if you could do that, but since you can't, try to enjoy your work time by reading the newest edition of the Comics Bulletin and Infinite Ammo video game news roundup that we here like to call...


Original Kid Icarus to be "3D Classic" on 3DS!

The original NES classic, Kid Icarus, will be converted into one of Nintendo's "3D Classics" for the Nintendo 3DS. No date on when it will be available here in the States, but if you're in Japan, there may very well be a way for you to get it before its official release...

(bit from Siliconera)

Limited Edition Super Mario 3DS's! But, you don't get one! No!

Nintendo is making three different Super Mario-themed 3DS systems, but unless you're in Japan, you'll have no way of getting one outside of selling a kidney and using the funds to bid on eBay. Members of the Japanese Club Nintendo can enter to win one of these between now and January 15, 2012 by registering two 3DS titles with the site. The beautiful thing about it is that everyone who enters, whether they win or lose, will each receive a copy of the upcoming 3D Classic Kid Icarus.

There will be a Mario, a Peach and a Toad version of the consoles and each will have a 1000-count manufacture limit. No word on if this contest will make its way to North America or Europe. But let me just save you the effort: it won't.

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If you have an iOS device, trophy hunting in Batman: Arkham City just got a whole lot easier...

If you have been playing Batman: Arkham City this past week, then you know just how many trophies are spread across all of Arkham City. But, if you are a completionist with an iOS device, then you may be in luck. For $2.99, an official map application is now available on iTunes. The app shows off all of the collectibles within the game, with the ability to mark off each item you get from the map and to zoom in and out of maps. Happy hunting, iOS users! As for us Android aficionados, we'll just have to keep searching.

(bit from Kotaku)

Diablo III officially headed to consoles!

In an interview with some Blizzard folk at last week's BlizzCon11, the lovely Tara Long got a chance to speak with the "Lead Console Designer" on Diablo III. Yes, that's right! Lead Console Designer! Normally, I would include this (since the news is all on video) in the VIDEOBITS part of the post, but this is something that genuinely is big news. Blizzard has opened up to development on consoles. And Diablo IIImay not be the only game that they could be doing this with. Here is the interview:

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Mass Effect 3 co-op details revealed!

BioWare recently announced co-op play will be available in their upcoming and highly-anticipated title, Mass Effect 3. After many a question was asked, they took to their forums and answered a few. Here are a few details:

- Only 2 guns and 3 powers available to use at a time.
- No ring menu. Hold button to switch weapons and powers.
- Fallen comrades can be revived by team members.
- Level cap at 20.

Many more deets can be found on BioWare's forums and on the @ME3News Twitter.

(bit from EGM)

Sonic Generations to have Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis game as unlockable!

Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka revealed at Paris Games Week that the original Sonic the Hedgehog will be available as an unlockable item in the upcoming Sonic Generations. As a classic video game geek, this is pretty great news. Not so much for those like me (who have played the game to death), but for the new gamers out there who will buy this game. One thing that can be said about titles of old is that they never held your goddamned hand like games nowadays do. Let's give those young gamers out there a chance to throw their controller at their television screens out of frustration by playing that 2D platformer. I never get that feeling anymore! On a related note, I had a chance to play Sonic Generations during this year's San Diego Comic-Con at their pop-up Sega Arcade. I was able to play both the 2D and 3D versions of "Green Hill Zone" and I loved every minute of it! I am really hoping this game does not suck. Team Sonic has really been disappointing me in recent years...

(bit from Destructoid)

Get Sonic Generations on Steam and get 2 (other) FREE Sonic titles!

While you have the opportunity to unlock Sonic the Hedgehog in-game, Steam has decided to offer up both Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic 3 and Knuckles to those who buy them game from them. As a matter of fact, if you pre-order now, you can play them both immediately! PC gamers, you have no excuse...

(bit from Game Informer)

Hulu Plus coming to Wii and 3DS!

While both systems already have Netflix, it was announced that the Nintendo Wii and the 3DS will be able to stream content from Hulu Plus by the end of the year. The service will only be available to those of us in the US and, of course, only to those who are monthly subscribers to the Hulu Plus service. I don't know if this will get people to buy a 3DS, but it definitely could not hurt the cause.

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Got a lazy eye? Video games could fix that! No, really...

At the 115th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Opthalmology, Somen Ghosh presented his study that found that amblyopia (or "lazy eye") could be corrected in older children. In a year-long study of 100 participants, ages 10 to 18, had good results -- 60 percent of which showed some vision improvement and that a third of the children were able to make significant vision gains! So kids: when your parents tell you that video games will ruin your eyesight, tell them to sit on it.

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Portal 2 given the Game of the Year Award at this year's Golden Joysticks!

After more than 2 million votes came in, Valve's phenomenal sequel -- Portal 2 -- took home the Ultimate Game of the Year Award at this year's Golden Joysticks (the world's largest publicly voted on video game awards)! If you have not yet picked up this game, FOR SHAME! And you call yourself a gamer...

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Portal 2 Level Editor to be out in 2012!

It seems that this year's Game of the Year (callback!), Portal 2 will have some more DLC out next year. This time, players will get an in-game map editor that will let players create their own puzzles and environments for single-player and co-op gameplay. However, this has only been announced for the PC gamers out there. Hopefully, this will make its way to console versions in time. No answer on whether you can tune your voice to sound like GLaDOS and insult your players as they move threw the map. But we can dream, right?

(bit from IGN)

Don't listen to rumors! Id/Bethesda says Doom 4 is on its way!

Many rumors were circulating last week -- due to the less-than-stellar reception of Rage -- that Bethesda had suspended development of id Software's Doom 4. It seems that those at Bethesda were not amused. The vice president of PR and marketing Pete Hines said in a tweet: "Complete bollocks". Later, id's Matt Hooper said in a tweet:

"Doom4 rumor is a bit silly... We're still cranking away on Doom & Rage ... and btw, we're still looking to hire even more talent."

A shame on Kotaku for presenting such a rumor as "news." This coming from the least professional video game news reporter you all know...

(bit from Edge)

Are PlayStation games coming to other devices? Sony says "Yes"!

SCE chief Kaz Hirai said at a Hong Kong press conference today on Friday that Sony is looking to branch out its original PlayStation games to devices outside of their current "PlayStation Certified" devices. Hirai says, "This isn't an ecosystem where we want to keep everything within the Sony family...This is not just for Sony devices." I'd like to see some of those games that are up on the Android Market to come on down to those of us who don't want to buy an Xperia Play or "PlayStation Certified" tablet. It doesn't make sense for them not to do it. Sure, maybe you will sell a phone or tablet, but as it is going, you're just not selling those double-dipped games you put up already. Also, Sega owns the rights to the Super Monkey Ball franchise, which seems to be tied down to iOS devices right now. Give Android users that, too!

(bit from Kotaku)


Kinect Holodesk makes me think my dream of a holodeck in my home might come true!

As a kid who grew up on watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I hope Microsoft lets this tech flourish and give me my first holodeck before I die a miserable old man. This is all on you, Microsoft!

Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer

Here's the new launch trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It was a slow weekend for videos...



  • Battlefield 3 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Dance Central 2 (Xbox 360 Kinect)
  • Kinect Sports: Season Two (Xbox 360 Kinect)
  • House of the Dead: OVERKILL - Extended Cut (PS3)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Just Dance Kids 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)
  • Disney Universe(Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC)


Until next time, kids...



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