BULLET POINTS: Comics News Roundup for October 25, 2011

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That thing above is the check DC Comics wrote out to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for the rights to Superman. It's come into the public eye as of late because it's being auctioned off.

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All-Winners Squad Cancelled at #5

Marvel's gone and cancelled another series. This time, it's All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes by Paul Jenkins and Carmine Di Giandomenico, another book (along with Iron Man 2.0) that was being edited by the recently laid-off Alejandro Arbona.

Here's the thing, though: All Winners Squad was an eight-issue miniseries.

If I may editorialize, because this news has me about to blow a gasket: Jesus Christ, Marvel. Cancel all the ongoings you want, but at least finish a fucking miniseries.

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AMC Renews The Walking Dead for Third Season

In a move that surprised no one, considering the Season 2 premiere shattered a record or two, AMC has renewed The Walking Dead, the drama based on the Robert Kirkman/Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard comic book series, for a third season.

Good for them! 

Ed Brubaker to Adapt Coward

Comic writer Ed Brubaker will pen a screenplay based on Coward, the first installment in Brubaker and Sean Phillips' loosely connected series, Criminal. David Slade, director of such films as Hard Candy and that third Twilight (but don't hold that against him) will direct.

That's fucking awesome.

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One Last Bit of Movie news: A Sequel to Red?

I wasn't too keen on the big-screen adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's Red (sapped the whole thing of Ellis' personality, and therefore all its balls) but I'm glad for creators' sake that other people seemed to like it. I'm totally cool with that film's success, no matter how baffling.

Now, Red 2, which was greenlit in January, has a set release date: August 2, 2013. I'll prolly watch it, but I won't enjoy it.

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"Supermaker" is a short comic by Andrew Dillon that does the crazy Grant Morrison Flex Mentallo thing in just a few short pages. It's astonishing. Go read it.


@brubaker: No, I'm not quitting comics, and no, Coward is not exactly like Drive. Read the book, not a paraphrased synopsis, please.

@Horse_ebooks: Two things to teach your horse so you can throw

@marjoriemliu: I'll be blunt: Wolverine and The X-Men #1 by @=@jasonaaron is one of the best comics I've read in ages. Love it so much.

@radiomaru: Anime makes me nostalgic for the time when I thought anime was cool

@sequentialmatt: Vultures be vulchin'.


Here's a nice trailer for the upcoming Martin Scorsese kiddie flick Hugo. Should prove a nice companion piece to Spielberg's Tintin.


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