BULLET POINTS: Comics News Roundup for October 26, 2011

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Bullet Points is Comics Bulletin's weekday roundup of some of the most notable news, criticism, tweets and other craziness of the comics industry. Think of it as the entire comics internet shrunk down into one convenient article, for people with not enough time to check every single comics website on the Internet.


From Image Comics comes a teaser for Ted McKeever's Mondo. Does Image have another chicken-related hit, a la Chew?


Ivan Brandon quits Men of War

Ivan Brandon, writer of the pretty good DC New 52 military themed series Men of War will depart the series with Issue #6, Bleeding Cool reports.

If Rich Johnston's report is correct, Brandon will be another in a long line of writers to depart their New 52 gigs, including George Perez, J.T. Krul and Gail Simone.

(via Bleeding Cool)


Since I bring it up in a bit below, here's Jim Zubkavich's webcomic, Makeshift Miracle.



I had no idea the Atlas Comics relaunch had already happened, but here's Tom Peyer talking about their first crossover event.

Skullkickers creator Jim Zubkavich talks to Brigid Alverson about his webcomic Makeshift Miracle.

Jason Aaron talks to Caleb Goellner about his new series Wolverine and the X-Men, which debuted this week.

Frank Quitely did a guest lecture at Scotland's University of Dundee for their Comic Studies program, and CBR has the details. And, hey, some snippets about Grant Morrison's Multiversity!

Matt Seneca's newest Wednesday Sequence focuses on Milo Manara.



@rare_basement: latest data on cats http://t.co/YPexRhQn

@Glinner: Berlusconi stepping down in January to "spend more time with his penis"

@Kevin_Church: COMMANDO is my favorite documentary film of the 80s. Errol Morris's finest work.

@rusty_shackles: Halloween on AMC. Back when Jamie Lee didn't care about probiotics and LIVED LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

@rstevens: Penultimints®: There's Always One Left!



Here's a trailer for Green River Killer artist Jonathan Case's solo OGN debut Dear Creature.

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