You Gotta Play This: Deadpool Pinball!

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Are you a Deadpool fan? Are you a Pinball fan? Well guess what? As the above title suggests there is a new Deadpool pinball board on Zen Pinball 2. Zen Pinball 2 by the way is available for most systems, I have it on my mac for the moment.

deadpool pinball 4

I credit Deadpool on getting me back into comics in my adult life, and I have been playing lots of pinball these days as the scene has exploded in Seattle. So my excitement of the release made me buy the board almost instantly.

deadpool pinball 1

After my first plunge in the game I was having some fun. You got a couple of spinners a few ramps, four flippers, bumpers (of course) and some great mini games. With the screen telling you to “Shoot the shiny things” you know it was holding true to some Deadpool type behavior.

At first I wasn’t digging the voice actor for Deadpool, but I must confess the voice grew on my faster than I would have thought. I don’t want to ruin the funny quips, so I’ll leave that fun to you. A great game buy it!

You can see more about the game here:

- Carlos Rodela

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