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If you think that your life is tough, and the boarding school that you attended was difficult, then you should check out what these kids are going through. All of the kids who attend this school are “problem children", and their parents have “had it” with them.  They have therefore shipped their kids off to boarding school. However, what the parents don’t seem to know is that the school is actually in Hell (yep, that place of fire and brimstone and chock-a-block full of actual demons), and the courses are all pass/fail.

According to creator/writer George Wassil, the project all started with a dream, and now he is looking for fan support to bring it to fruition. “We’re asking for your help to self-publish and distribute a soft over edition of Oh, Hell Volume 1” Wassil told us. “Its a full color, eight chapter, 200+ page original graphic novel that follows a group of teens shipped off to a boarding school in Hell.”

Wassil has indicated that they already have well over 100 pages of Oh, Hell available online for free and that they will continue to add pages each week. Needless to say, he is encouraging people to check it out, and if you like what you see and would like to join them, you’ll find a Kickstarter button on the site that will bring you right back here

As the story begins, a girl is being shipped off to The Academy, a mysterious boarding school for troubled teens, but unbeknownst to everyone, not only is The Academy actually in Hell, it is also completely pass/fail. The cast of this little drama include Zoel, who has had trouble fitting in as part of her real life --  and of course things are no different in Hell, where she winds up falling for Hell’s newest bad boy, Zipper. Now this kid’s totally got the the look, he’s got the attitude, and not only is he one of Zoel’s roommates but he’s got secrets as well. Secrets that are probably best kept that way. Still, as scary as Zipper may seem, there’s one classmate that is even scarier.

That woman is Alesse, who is the goal driven, popular girl, who has it all, wants it all, and (as you can totally expect), is very much accustomed to getting it all — regardless of who she has to destroy to get what she wants. Well, we all know how important it is to make a good impression on girls like this, so Zoel goes out of her way to do just that, with interesting results. Then there’s Carl, everybody’s pain-in-the-ass little brother. No matter what he gets involved with, one thing is for certain, you just know that he’s going to screw it up. Given all of this, the Academy has high standards and boasts of a phenomenal success rate. Overseeing their education is Headmaster Elz who prefers the “Old School” approach to discipline.

Wassil also intends to include some bonus material in Oh, Hell Volume 1; thus, fans will find quite a few of Zoel’s diary pages in the book. Her writings give readers a peek into her mind as she deals with love, loss, abandonment, failure — all the issues that make up the maelstrom that is adolescence. Backers will also receive never-before-seen-sketches, layouts and early character designs by artist Dave Hamann. The rewards for backers include something for most everyone; wallpapers, PDFs, books, 8x10 prints, bookmarks, 11x17 prints, original art PLUS some great Pin-Up Art from guest artists David Nakayama, Julia Philip, Cory Smith, and more.

The creators of this project are;

Wassil believes that he’s put together an great creative team that will create a memorable story.

This project will only be funded if at least $12,500 is pledged by Mon, May 19 2014.

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