Star Trek Equinox: The Night Of Time

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Nearly a decade after the final episode of the last Star Trek TV  series aired, a professionally-produced Star Trek feature is being Kickstarted as full-length feature film released to the Internet starring Star Trek Alums John Savage and Gary Lockwood (reprising their roles as Captain Rudy Ransom and Fleet Captain Gary Mitchell) along with Trek Newcomers Blanca Blanco as Vulcan officer LT T'Lexa and former WWE star Matt Striker as a Romulan Commander. Additional stars for the series include Lockwood’s daughter Samantha Lockwood, who will portray Nurse Christine Roddenberry and Tommy Denucci (Army of the Damned) as Lt. Magnus. The goal for the Kickstarter is to raise the funds needed to shoot a short trailer for Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time at end of May 2014.

The film’s premise is that some 15 years after the destruction of the USS Equinox, Captain Rudy Ransom, who was beamed from his doomed ship by the Krotownans and has been held prisoner in the Delta Quadrant for crimes against the race including trespassing in Krowtownan space and the deaths of Krowtownan Crew members, manages to return to the Alpha Quadrant -- 30,000 light years away. He has only a single chance to escape, through a wormhole that will engulf anything and everything within 500 miles of its massive gravity, including a distress signal or small probe. Two inhabitants of the Alpha Quadrant intercept the distress signal that was sent 125 years into the past: a Federation medical space station and a Klingon battle cruiser. The Klingon Empire, with a thirst for advanced military knowledge, launch their Battle cruisers to retrieve this knowledge from the mind of Captain Ransom and destroy anything in their way.

Captain Gary Mitchell has assigned the USS Equinox to retrieve Captain Ransom from the wrong side of the neutral zone and restore peace to the galaxy. The Equinox crew has determined that the wormhole, along with their chances, will collapse in 72 hours. With the Klingons, Krotownans and Romulans hot on their tail, can Starfleet save one of their own?

Truthfully, it should come as no surprise that Star Trek continues to grow an ever widening enthusiastic fan base. Executive Producer Janet O'Connell tells us that she is honored to present a project that springs not only from the desire of fans but also from Star Trek veteran actors and directors. She tells us that she has already signed up some great proven actors whose names you will probably recognize. These include John Savage (The Deer Hunter) and Gary Lockwood, who starred in the original TV pilot of the classic 1960s Star Trek series. Lockwood is reprising his role as Gary Mitchell, the best friend of James T. Kirk. Retired from acting for 21 years, Lockwood has agreed to put on the Starfleet uniform once more and take the helm of a role that has him champing at the bit to perform.

The producers feel that they are responding to a call for a film that not only is consistent with how true fans expect it should be, but which will also entertain general audiences. With this in mind, it seems only appropriate that they should ask Star Trek's many devotees and die-hard fans to help underwrite the arguably greatest science fiction saga in modern history.

As it now stands, the producers have partial funding to produce the first 48 minutes and the pilot from two investors; however, they need fan participation to help cover the added costs of travel, marketing, special effects and the many unexpected expenses. Whatever fans offer will only go toward production and not to fat paychecks. In her former role as Vice President at Smith Barney, O'Connell helped many people to reach their financial dreams. Today, along with fan help she has the opportunity to bring about a dream of a different kind. As a writer and poet, she is a fussbudget about quality. O'Connell is personally invested in this project and hopes others will play a part in it as well.

Among the premiums offered to fans are autographed pictures, red carpet events, personal appearances and a chance to beam aboard as a cast member. Every dime this Kickstarter raises will go directly into production, not into the pockets of people looking to make this project their personal paycheck. “I protected peoples’ money for a living” O'Connell told us. “and always invested smartly and in my opinion this will be the next big Star Trek feature ever made — and the smartest investment you can make right now!”

This is a project with a time limit for Comic Con. The project must be in production by the 8th of April 2014 to be ready in time for San Diego. They have had some great runs at Comic Con and now have a chance -- if even a small chance -- to take a baby step toward raising funds for what they believe is calling the best sci-fi script in over 10 years.

This project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by Friday, May 9 2014.

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