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Based on the first book in the Nain Rouge trilogy, this graphic novel brings the evil, 300 year-old harbinger of doom to life. According to the publishers, the Nain Rouge graphic novel is the first in a new genre of literature they’re calling Cryptofolk which they are designing to bring obscure, local legends to life through visual media. According to author Joe Bastian, “By backing this project today, you’ll become one of the many storytellers bringing this 300-year-old legend out of obscurity.” He then went on to tell us more about the legend of the Nain Rouge, the graphic novel adaptation, as well as the team he’s assembled to put this project together plus the rewards that backers of this Kickstarter will receive by backing the project.

According to legend, The Nain Rouge (Red Dwarf) made his home in the New World, near the narrow straits in an area the later French settlers were to eventually name “Detroit.” As the Steward of Straits, the Nain Rouge was responsible for keeping harmony and balance in the natural world near the straits of the great river. It was not until the Antoine de Mothe Cadillac and the French settlers arrived that the Nain Rouge began causing trouble.

At first, the Nain Rouge was cordial and diplomatic, but a quarrel soon began and quickly turned into an angry brawl. The Nain Rouge was beaten mercilessly during the fight and fled from the settlement in anger. It is said that as he ran away, a curse was flung from his lips onto the entire region of Detroit. The curse, it is rumored, befalls anyone who creates evil of their own will, empowering the Nain Rouge with greater and greater strength throughout the centuries.

These days, the Nain Rouge is often seen just before a tragic event; a harbinger of doom that revels in the downfall of humanity. Recently, there have been many more sightings of the Nain Rouge. He seems to be growing in power. Some say the times are bad. Some say it is only getting worse. Perhaps, musses Bastian, the day of reckoning is upon us. As we all know, the times are hard and getting harder by the minute and there is an evil, enduring legend deep within the city. For more than 300 years, reported sightings of the Nain Rouge have been escalating. Now, times are tougher and only seem to be getting worse.

In this 80-page, full-color graphic novel, we are introduced to Elly and Tom, a pair of everyday middle school kids who are on a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts. No sooner do they get there, then they are wrapped up in a mystery of evil and intrigue that has been brewing for centuries. Fate has hurled these young teens in front of one of the most evil creatures ever to walk the earth — the Nain Rouge. Can Elly and Tom do anything to save the city and themselves? Or has the time of the Nain Rouge finally come?

The Nain Rouge Project started out as a trilogy of prose books by Josef Bastian. The first two of which are currently published and the third is due to be published in the fall of 2014. Believing that stories can be told in many different ways, Bastian determined that it was time to really bring the legend of the Nain Rouge to life in full color through the creation of a graphic novel. Realizing that stories need many storytellers, Bastian assembled the team that’s currently writing, illustrating and designing the Nain Rouge graphic novel. The Team Nain Rouge includes Carl Winans (digital storyteller) and Patrick McEvoy (illustrator).

As for backers to this project, there are a v ariety of ways that they can back this project and receive some great rewards! Bastian and his team need backers help to create the Nain Rouge graphic novel, the first in the Cryptofolk genre. “So please become one of our storytellers and find the reward level that works for you to back this project today!” The story is already written and McEvoy is already on board. “Patrick has already completed the character sketches, the visual development of the Nain Rouge and the first 4 pages of the graphic novel.”

Confidence is high in the project’s completion, and (again according to Bastian) the only thing that could monkey wrench it is if McEvoy, were to be besieged by the Nain Rouge himself, for then they would need additional time to replace him with someone who could better handle the evil curse of the Nain Rouge. Fortunately, the curse was placed on Detroit, so McEvoy should be safe in California, so everything looks good for this project’s completion, all they need are the funds to do so.

This project will only be funded if at least$18,000 is pledged by Sat, Apr 12 2014



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