Outer world Magazine attempts to bridge the gap between dismal anonymity and independent notoriety

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The comic books industry has seen better years. 2012 was a great year for funnybooks, but things seem to be reaching a valley now as the mainstream seeks out game-changing stories that only seem to lightly coat the landscape. For those creators with names large enough to get picked up by indie publishers like Image and Dark Horse, getting a project to the masses isn’t hard. But there are those whose work is just as good but don’t have the capitol or connections to make a big splash in the beloved medium.

In Japan Shonen Jump allows new talent to be seen and flourish. Likewise 2000 AD allowed some of the industry standard bearers from England to get their feet in the door. While Heavy Metal is based in New York it mostly showcases writers from overseas, so where do the unknown creators go to get their start? How does an upstart get his/her work out to a world controlled by the mouse and rabbit?

Outer world Magazine attempts to bridge the gap between dismal anonymity and independent notoriety. With a wide range of talents, stories and creators, it hopes to allow the unknown visionaries to become the titans of tomorrow. The magazine is open to all styles of comic book art and storytelling but asks only one thing in return of the creators who submit, that is their best effort.

The two great things about Outer world Magazine are that:

1.       It doesn’t seek to obtain ownership of creators’ comics just the permission to publish said work in the magazine, so all creators get to keep their own intellectual properties.

2.       Outer world Magazine will be paying the creators whose four to ten page work is featured in the magazine.

Outer world Magazine will be marketed towards an audience of 17 years and older fans of both genders who are hungry for new and unique comics from wide range of creators spanning the genres of, sci-fi, fantasy and noir. The magazine aims to be available at various conventions and comic shops as well as online, in both digital and print format. But in order to do all of this it needs help, Outer world Magazine is launching an Indiegogo campaign and needs your support to make it America’s indie comics magazine.

If you’re looking for something new, if you don’t feel like your voice is being heard in comics, or if you’re just plain curious about what else is out there, please donate and spread the word so they can make this a reality.

- Ra'Chaun Rogers

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