The First World: an Epic Sword and Sorcery Adventure

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The First World is a sword and sorcery adventure unlike any you have ever seen, or so we’ve been told — Sword and Sorcery, fantasy, awesomeness in comic book form. What makes it so different? There are no chosen ones, no destined savior. There isn’t one special thing to accomplish and then BOOM, the world is saved According to creator, Christopher Campana, the comic is about an ancient evil that was thought only to be fairy tale has returned to the infest the world. Now, a young girl, named Arana, and several of her companions must find a way to stop this nightmare of creatures before the First World falls into ultimate darkness.

Defeated long ago by the Noble 5, the NOCTEM has returned. Now, those within the bloodline of the Noble 5 must try and defeat the same evil their ancestors did, long ago. With fantastic realms and mythical beasts, the First World has everything you would expect from an epic Fantasy without the usual “Chosen one” that the genre so often falls into so often.

According to Campana, with the funds from this Kickstarter, he hopes to begin the journey of Arana and her intrepid band of warriors. “We will be able to print up issues #1 and 2 of our six-issue fantasy epic. That’s 24 full color pages of awesomeness!” Campana stated. He then went on to say that with full funding, he will be able to produce prints, reserve tables at a few shows and get his dream comic out there for all of us to read. “Once on the scene, we can have the opportunity to look for national distribution, digital distribution and further our careers as storytellers. Without this Kickstarter, the book won’t see the light of day.”

Obviously art takes time. Managing to create a book worthy of being printed takes quite a bit of determination, talent, and especially time! Since this isn’t the only job any of the creators on the project have, there are times when life gets in the way a little. “We have families, children and other responsibilities like all of you. We have plans for an awesome run for the First World. A substantial amount of the rewards are already done or in progress, except obviously for the custom pieces.” We have been told that issue #1 is nearing completion and will be released, if they are successful the first Wednesday in April. Campana has the story planned out for a six-issue arc and then followed by a trade paperback with a boatload of extra, cool stuff. Campana promises that he will always be honest with his fans and should anything come up that could delay any part of the process, he will communicate with everyone and make sure they do all we can to do what they said they would do.

This project will only be funded if at least $5,500 is pledged by Fri, Mar 7 2014.


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