Superheroing for fun and profit

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Being a Superhero is hard. Pretending to be one is even harder.

According to John Pross, creator of the comic Posers, the concept originally began as a web series he was planning. The series was supposed to be about a spoiled rich kid who feels that he can simply purchase whatever he wants. So he puts a hires a bunch of D-list super-heroes and forms his own super-team. The he has camera crews follow them everywhere, recording everything. Eventually the series morphed into Posers, with the spoiled brat now a con-artist who has fooled everyone into thinking that his team is constantly out there saving the world from alien invasions, and that they should be worshiped for it.

Welcome to the Posers #2 kickstarter. Posers is about a group of super heroes who save the world from alien invasions on almost a monthly basis. This has given them something of a rock star status with the people of Earth. They’re rich. They’re famous. They’re con artists! That’s right, unbeknownst to the people of Earth, the I.C.S. (Intergalactic Champion Squad) is nothing more than a bunch of super-powered Posers who have managed to CGI their adventures in a studio basement in their HQ. Mr. Amazing ( the head of the operation) is convinced he can carry out this charade forever; after all he’s thought of everything....except what to do if real aliens show up on the planet. Will the fakes be able to scam their way out of an alien invasion or will the entire planet be doomed for placing their faith in a bunch of Posers?

Picking up from where issue #1 left off...there is a showdown between an angry Demi-god who hates men and the poster boy for all chauvinist pigs. Can Mr. Amazing survive long enough to convince the person who hates him most in the world to join his team? Also how is Chad coping with being blackmailed into joining this team of super-powered Con artists? And who or what is Tiog and how will his arrival impact this group of Posers?

Pross indicates that he has a great team of dedicated artists and barring any delays on the printing side of things they should easily be able to hit their goals on production and distribution.

This project will only be funded if at least $2,000 is pledged by Friday Dec 13, 2013.


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