TJ Comics Black Friday/Small Press Saturday Sale!

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From 12:00 AM EST Friday until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, TJ Comics will be having a huge sale on all out PDF-format Digital Comics. Our titles are all creator-owned and this is a wonderful opportunity to check out our titles, support small press and send digital gifts to your loved ones for the holiday!

Many titles will be 99¢ or less, with different 2-for-1 deals throughout the two-day sale.

Every issue of The Argonauts by American Comic Book Chronicles and Flash Companion author Keith Dallas will be available. The time-bending superhero epic is wrapping up its first story-arc and now is the best time to get caught up!

The first half of TJ Comics’ over-the-top zombie-bashing series, Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead by Kevin Powers and Israel Gonzalez will also be available for download. The sale marks the first time that Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead #3 has been made available for digital download.

TJ Comics publisher Kevin Powers will also be debuting two new titles during the sale. The first 24-page chapter of his Clint Eastwood-style Western, Steel Creek, will be available for the first time on the site for only 99¢.

Also, debuting during the Black Friday/Small Press Saturday sale is the first 12-page story that ties into TJ Comics forthcoming superhero universe, ExtraOrdinary. Hot Shot #1 features a fun, all-ages story starring ExtraOrdinary’s resident teenage superhero. It stands on its own as well as ties into the coming universe of superheroes that are sure to shake up the entire genre.

TJ Comics’ first children’s book, the critically acclaimed Sarah Faire and the House at the End of the World by Alex Giannini with art by Abigail Larsen, will also be available for the first time digitally. It is the perfect opportunity to see Abigail’s incredible artwork and enter the Tim Burton-like world of Sarah Faire.

All titles are available in PDF format and downloads and all transactions are handled safely and securely via PayPal. Don’t miss out on these great deals to support small press and read some good stories!

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