That's That Shit 06/05/13: 3D Covers and Chocolate Milkshakes

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Hi. That's That Shit is exactly what it says above -- we talk in-depth about everything that happened in the comics world last week, and then look forward to some notable releases slated for this coming Wednesday.

Your panel of judges are Comics Bulletin Managing Editors Danny Djeljosevic and Nick Hanover, who pretty much have paper and ink in their blood, and CB Columns Editor Andrew Tan, who got his start in comics late in life through Adrian Tomine and is slowly dipping his toes into the broader aspects of the medium. So we deliver the news, Andrew asks the questions and hopefully everyone learns something.

Bang on.

BUT FIRST SOME (maybe NSFW? what's your job's policy on booty shaking?) MUSIC





ComicsAlliance has Returned
Funkywatch has, too


Nick Hanover: After a mysterious disappearance and a whole lot of vague non-answers, ComicsAlliance has finally reappeared, first with a Let’s Be Friends Again comic explaining the history of the site and its new guise, and now with normally scheduled content. Apparently ComicsAlliance has been purchased by Townsquare Media, and while it’s unclear at the moment what long term changes that may bring, most of CA’s staff appears to have made the transition, including Editor-in-Chief Joe Hughes, star columnist Chris Sims, and editors and contributors like Matt Wilson, Andy Khouri, Caleb Goellner and Andrew Wheeler. It’s unclear yet whether David Brothers will reappear at any point at the site, but a recent guest post he did at The Comics Reporter indicates otherwise, as he spoke out about the fact that he does not own any of the content he produced for CA. Still, this is basically good news for everyone in the industry, and hopefully the Townsquare acquisition will enable CA to fix those ownership rights and pay their contributors more.


Andrew Tan: Ever since AOL’s master plan leaked, I support any news agency that manages to survive without ties to that organization.



Comics Alliance Let's Be Friends


Danny Djeljosevic: I am so incredibly stoked for Comics Alliance to be back, and really happy that their staff is mostly intact. In the time it was gone I realized there was nothing on the comics internet that I was really excited to check out. Sure I can check Bleeding Cool for the rumors and CBR for the latest solicits and a bunch of the other sites have good stuff about them too, but Comics Alliance has really great articles and fun lifestyle type pieces that most of the other sites aren’t doing. Glad to have them back.


September Will be Villain Month at DC

The twist is that the real villains are these fucking 3D covers


Nick: DC gave Buzzfeed the exclusive news this week that the entire month of September would be devoted to villainy, with major villains taking over their rival heroes’ titles, including 3D covers depicting the baddies and a decidedly goofy graffiti vandalism of the title. Big crossover events have notably been minimized in the New 52, but DC has gone all out with this gimmicky event, with many of the bigger franchises-- like Batman-- getting four villain books in the month, all of which will have a raised cover price to justify those 3D covers. September will also bring the debut of “Forever Evil,” the seven issue crossover the event is meant to promote, which separates it from the previous gimmick, Zero Month.


Sorry, I’m having a difficult time trying to give a shit about something that screams ‘90s to me. 3D? Really?


Andrew: Oh god those .gifs. But seriously I can’t wait for Buzzfeed’s inevitable 8 Crazy 3D Comic Covers That You Won’t Believe.


Action Comics Cyborg Superman 3D Cover


Danny: Not even gonna talk about gimmick covers. Comics about villains doing bad stuff. Cool! That’s what the genre’s about, partially. Beats WTF month or whatever.


Nick: You say that now, but just wait until Holofoil Month touches down in December.


Fables Film Adaptation Now in Development



Nick: The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Fables, Bill Willingham’s forever going fantasy comics series, is in development as a film franchise from Heyday Films, the entity led by Harry Potter producer David Heyman. Heyman reportedly has Danish director Nikolaj Arcel on board for the adaptation with Jeremy Slater attached as screenwriter. Arcel is known for his film A Royal Affair, which was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, while Slater is currently associated with a script for the Fantastic Four reboot that is in the works. Heyman’s involvement is perhaps the most interesting here, as he already has experience developing a similarly epic work into a franchise and it would appear that he is at least tentatively interested in the series as a franchise rather than a standalone film, which is very good news for anyone who enjoys the series.


Andrew: Has anyone referred to this movie as the “Fabled Fables Adaptation?” Can we call it FFA for short?






Danny: You know you’re going to be staying at my house soon, right, Andrew? Why do you make those jokes when you know your life could be in danger? Seriously, though, cool -- I have no concern for Fables (I’ve liked what I’ve read enough) but the thing is a no-brainer for adaptation. I think I’m more excited for the Telltale video game because it’s a point-and-click adventure game and those are my jam.


Zenith Rights Appear to Still Be in Question

Come on comics I just want to read this fucking story already


Nick: It was recently announced that the “lost” Grant Morrison/Steve Yeowell series Zenith, which originally ran in 2000 A.D., would be getting a deluxe, highly limited reissue edition in December from Rebellion. Of course, that led to a lot of people wondering whether that meant 2000 A.D. and Morrison had resolved the issues over ownership that had kept collected editions of the story in limbo for so long. Morrison’s lack of comment on the issue, and the extremely low print run, appeared to confirm that he was not 100% okay with the release, but those of us in the comics media who received the press release noticed that co-creator Steve Yeowell was listed as available for interview, which at least made it seem as though he was somewhat good with what was happening.


But this week Heidi MacDonald of The Comics Beat managed to get Steve Yeowell to answer a few questions that honestly didn’t clear up much of anything. Asked about the “contractual circumstances” around Zenith, Yeowell merely responded that they were “the same as applied to other IPC characters at that time.” More telling is his response to being asked how much he cooperated with Rebellion for the reissues, wherein he states he “received a phone call...informing [him] that they had plans to reprint it.” Not exactly a rousing endorsement for the reissue, and the terseness of it could be read as an acknowledgement that he didn’t have much of a say in the matter.



Zenith 2000 AD Grant Morrison Steve Yeowell


Andrew: Is there any particular reason Morrison hasn’t come out completely against the reissue? He’s such a revered figure, I’m surprised he hasn’t made a statement for or against it since it’s hard to imagine him just feeling “okay” about a reissue.


Danny: The last time they tried to print Zenith the rights issues sprang up and they kept the entire (huge) print run of Volume 1 in a warehouse until they decided to pulp it. With this limited edition run, Rebellion is clearly testing the waters to see if they can actually start rolling this out. Strange that Morrison hasn’t commented on it.




2000 AD recently kicked off a contest for fans to design their own Search/Destroy agent from Strontium Dog and the winning entries went up today. Spoiler: they’re pretty bad-ass.


Embryo-head Ernie Deadhead Dave 2000 AD Strontium Dog


Embryo-head Ernie and Deadhead Dave by Darren Stephens



Strontium Fox and the Hounds 2000 AD Strontium Dog

Strontium Fox and the Hounds by Steven Denton



Heroes of the New West Strontium Dog

Heroes of the New West by Jon Taylor


Read more about it on the 2000 AD tumblr!




Empowered Special Animal Style Adam Warren

Empowered Special #4: Animal Style

(Adam Warren, John Station, Robaato; Dark Horse)


Danny: Every so often (maybe once a year?) Adam Warren and Dark Horse drop a one-shot issue of their OGN series Empowered where Warren joins up with some other artists to tell shorter stories in the same universe and that time has come once again. I guess this one’s about robots and junk, but these are great commitment-free ways to check out Empowered, a satirical comic about a female superheroine with self esteem issues whose superpowers decline based on how much of her costume is ripped away. It’s hilarious.


Nick: I’m always happy to get more Empowered, so this is a Must Buy as far as I’m concerned. Seriously, people-- don’t let the covers and style fool you, Empowered is one of the sharpest comic satires out there and if you aren’t reading it yet, these Specials are great jumping on points.


Womanthology Space

Womanthology: Space

(All Kinds of Womens; IDW)


Danny: I think we all know about Womanthology, the all-female comics anthology that had its Kickstarter funded (and then some) within moments. IDW eventually distributed the hardcover then they put out this miniseries in the same vein, featuring sci-fi stories by female creators. I picked a few of the singles up based on the creators contained within (there’s a Ming Doyle story and I never pass up a comic of hers) and like any anthology it’s a mix of cool stuff and wackness. Really worth checking out if you’re into sci-fi.


Nick: It also fits into what we were discussing last week in regards to finding up-and-coming female creators. Hopefully the Womanthology series will continue to be a place to look for the great new female talent that will eventually begin infiltrating the mainstream and this is a perfect opportunity to be ahead of the curve.


Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life Ulli Lust

Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life

(Ulli Lust; Fantagraphics)


Danny: Ulli Lust. What a name! And here all our creators are all named Brian? Anyway, Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life is about the Austrian Lust remembering when she was a 17-year-old punk hitchhiking across Italy so expect a lot of hanging out. Fantagraphics has a preview and I really like Lust’s casual marker-y style -- she uses her toolkit really well and there are very clear flashes of Los Hermanos in it.


Nick: On the Brian front, this reminds me a bit of Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan’s Demo, which was similarly devoted to travelling and had a punk edge of its own. I’m a sucker for these kinds of stories-- I got heavy into punk as a kid and never looked back, which is why I have slowly accumulated a ridiculous amount of punk writing over the years. Fantagraphics has helped instigate a more diverse post-bio comics scene over the past few years and I expect this will be another excellent entry in that canon.

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