EXCLUSIVE: Rocksteady Announces AXE COP: The Video Game!

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by Dylan Tano


Rocksteady Studios Announces Development of Axe Cop: The Video Game


The little webcomic that could -- Axe Cop -- just keeps growing. After recently being picked up by Fox as part of their Animation Domination, Comics Bulletin has confirmation that Rocksteady Studios -- developer of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City -- is currently developing a game based on Axe Cop.

You’ll play as a member of team Axe Cop as they try to rescue him from the clutches of Dr. Stinkyhead. While there has been no word on whether or not Dr. McNinja will make an appearance, Rocksteady Studios producer -- Jamie Walker -- has announced that you’ll have your choice to play several team members like Flute Cop and Sockarang as well as a secret character developed by Malachi and Ethan Nicolle specifically for the game. Ethan has been quoted as saying, “Who would Axe Cop turn to in his darkest hour? Malachi and I have something up our sleeves you aren’t going to believe.” Malachi immediately spoiled the surprise by shouting, “She-Hulk!

Walker had this to say about the series: “We love Axe Cop. We envision him as a working man’s Batman. And getting to pair him with She-Hulk? No brainer!” He went on to say that you will get to play as Axe Cop at some point in the game. “We felt that Axe Cop was just too awesome to not let you play. There is so much you can do with him from a technical aspect that the team has been absolutely giddy coming up with skill sets. Heck, his mustache has robot arms!”, stated Walker toward the end of the call.

Walker said the game will play a lot like Arkham City, but with a bit more of an open world aspect. “We didn’t want to cramp such an imaginative series like Axe Cop into a smaller world, so expect us to go big or go home with this one. There is so much we can do here... Ethan and Malachai have been amazingly helpful in how everything is coming together and have crafted a unique and exciting story. I know it seems pretty straightforward, but trust me when I say that we’re going to blow your minds.”

So get your axes ready as the game is prepped for release at Q2 2014 on PlayStation 4, Wii U and other next-gen consoles. When asked about a PC/Mac version of the game, 8-year-old Malachai Nicolle said, “Fuck computers!”



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