Michael Ian Black, Judah Friedlander, and Chelsea Peretti Join Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival

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Moontower Comedy Austin 2013


In an interesting addition to the long-awaited Wet Hot American Summer talent show scene reunion, Chelsea Peretti will be joining onetime collaborators (literally) Michael Ian Black and Judah Friedlander for a headliner triple bill during the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival in Austin on Friday, April 26. 

Fans of Friedlander and Black are sure to remember their sizzling onscreen chemistry in the climactic sequence of the beloved 2001 cult comedy (in which Friedlander, as Gail’s deadbeat husband Ron, professes his willingness to make things work only to learn that Gail has given up on their relationship, all as Black looks on in silence), while fans of Peretti probably can’t wait to hear her thoughts on being a part of this momentous reunion on her podcast Call Chelsea Peretti, her popular Twitter feed, or spoken through the mouths of characters on Kroll Show or Parks and Rec, both of which she has written for.

Moontower Comedy 2013 Michael Ian Black Chelsea Peretti Judah Friedlander

Other comics newly added to the festival lineup include John Tole, Lucas Molandes, Bob Khosravi, Danny Palumbo, Bryan Gutmann, Mac Blake, and Kath Barbadoro, none of whom were in Wet Hot American Summer.


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