Tesla Triumphs Over Otherworldly Evil with Science

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A Halfway Funded Graphic Novel now on Kickstarter

The Wardenclyffe Horror is an indie graphic novel that explores Lovecraftian themes through the lens of historical fiction. Starting Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain, the book asks a question common in the horror genre: what happens when fringe science goes horribly wrong? In this case the answer is easily summed up: the Tunguska Blast. That’s not a spoiler though – that’s how the story opens; it is the why that is so compelling.

Just as the infamous author that inspired the work did so often, Wardenclyffe weaves its story from the threads of actual events.  He would carefully blend historical events and texts with mythological and fictional ones to attach tenuous pedigrees to tomes like the Necronomicon. Likewise, careful use of dates and places, and attention to the smallest details of the protagonist’s biographies allow for a sense of realism so strong that it would hard to say for certain that the events portrayed were not the reason for the strange events of 1908 with any certainty.

The graphic novel is a 92 page volume done in black and white, a format that suits both the style of the art, and content of the story. One of the project's stretch goals would add spot color to emphasize certain scenes if specific funding goals are achieved. The artist, Robert Rath was specifically chosen for this project because his art style, so similar to woodcut printing, is the perfect complement to the time period of our story at the dawn of the twentieth century.

Presently the project is halfway funded, with just less than three weeks to finish. Reward tiers range from $3 to $1000, though $10 is all you need to read this story yourself when it is released. The Wardenclyffe Horror is the first project by the team at Caffeineforge. For more information, go to the creators’ blog.


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