Upcoming: Retrovirus from Palmiotti and Gray in November

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by Josef Fleming

A retrovirus is an RNA virus that is duplicated in a host cell using the reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome. The DNA is then incorporated into the host's genome by an integrase enzyme. The virus thereafter replicates as part of the host cell's DNA.


Retrovirus is a new graphic novella coming out from the team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. A science fiction thriller that reaches backwards into the Mesozoic era, Retrovirus follows Dr. Zoe Wallace, a bright young scientist in the field of viral evolution attracts the attention of a lrge and powerful Bio-pharmaceutical company. Once they offer her a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study a prehistoric virus, she can’t refuse. Unfortunately, big pharmaceutical companies have big pharmaceutical secrets.



The novella is going to be illustrated by the fantastic Norberto Fernandez (The Tattered Man) and will feature a cover by Amanda Connor. Retrovirus is coming to you from the wonderful creative team of Palmiotti and Gray, (who you might remember from Jonah Hex and All Star Western) and will be an interesting blend of science fiction and human drama. A blend that will make us approach our Darwinist belief systems in a new light. A frightening light.

Retrovirus won’t be just mad science action. The team promised this:

"I always feel the best fiction is propelled by themes, and with Retrovirus there are a number of personal themes that arose in and around the time we began working on this project, Zoe represents motherhood, survival, determination and our core humanity when presented with terrifying situations. We wanted not only to create a story full of big scary action, but also something people could relate to.

Retrovirus, a 72-page, full-color graphic novella, which will be in stores on November 21. Pick it up if you love Science! Or Virus. Or good old fashioned fun.





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