DIGITAL COMICS: Self-Obsessed by Sina Grace Debuts on ComiXology

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by Danny Djeljosevic


A week after the debut of his graphic novel Not My Bag, Li'l Depressed Boy artist Sina Grace has released an early works/B-sides one-shot through Image Comics called Self-Obsessed, available as a 99 cent download on the digital comics platform comiXology. Collecting strips from as far back as his high school days, Self-Obsessed features autobiographical material and shows his growth as an artist.



Says Grace himself:

“It’s crazy to look at the stuff I wrote about in college and see how it relates to Not My Bag,” said creator Sina Grace. “I’m going through all of these pages, and to see the growth – as a storyteller and person – I’m proud to share Self-Obsessed, and I couldn’t have thought of a better avenue than through the fine folks at comiXology.”

Awesome. I pretty much bought Self-Obsessed the moment I saw it was available -- Sina Grace is a great artist and a cool guy, and 99 cents for 28 pages of comics is a total steal. Think of it as a sampler for Not My Bag -- if you like Grace's art and voice in this special, you'll probably like his newest work, too.


Self-Obsessed is already out on comiXology. Come to think of it, so is Not My Bag.





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