PREVIEW: Quantum and Woody Return... to ComiXology (Sorta)

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by Danny Djeljosevic


Quantum and Woody was a comic book by Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright about two racially mismatched childhood friends who, as a result of an accident that gave them superpowers, were forced to slam their respective metal bracelets together every 24 hours lest their atoms break apart, so they couldn't be apart for long. Which means they argued a lot. Eventually, a goat with a mask and a cape came on the scene. It was like reading a Shane Black buddy cop movie in superhero comic book form, it was one of the best and funniest comics of the 1990s, and I was sad to see it go.

Until '90s nostalgia has gotten so bad that a Quantum and Woody relaunch by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente is deemed necessary, Valiant Entertainment has done the best thing and announced that they will be re-releasing Quantum and Woody on ComiXology.

The series will be broken up in two release dates:


  • October 24th: Quantum & Woody #1-12 – including Quantum & Woody #1 for FREE
  • October 31st: Quantum & Woody #0, #13-21, #32 and Quantum & Woody Special: GOAT – H.A.E.D.U.S. #1


There's a reason there's a #32 -- at some point Acclaim Comics (owner of Valiant properties at the time) pulled a stunt where every series jumped forward a bunch of issues for one month, and part of the fun was seeing what had changed in the comics' status quo and following the books to see how that happened. I guess that wasn't enough to keep Quantum and Woody alive.

Despite my Pak and Van Lente idea (which would actually be pretty spectacular now that I think about it) I don't necessarily need to see any new Quantum and Woody, because Formerly Known as the Justice League has taught us and the return of Arrested Development (probably) will teach us that underrated things that made us laugh aren't the same when nostalgia trots them back out.

But apparently there are two completed, unpublished issues of Quantum and Woody from the original run that will likely make their debut on ComiXology, too, and that's exciting.

Here's a preview of Issue #1:








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