NYCC: Image Comics set to take 2013 by storm

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By David Fairbanks


You didn't think that Oni's big announcements at NYCC were the only news in independent comics coming this weekend, did you? Image, continuing with their tradition of completely dominating the comics scene this year, has told us just how they plan to do the same for 2013.

Hot on the heels of our announcement of Ales Kot (Wild Children) and Morgan Jeske's (Study Group Comics) Change – a curious story about Atlantis/LA needs saving by a cosmonaut, a screenwriter/car thief, and a ludicrously rich rapper – Image has announced two new books from Kot.

The first is Zero, an ongoing series that's a combination of the super-spy type antics of James Bond or Casanova mixed with more realistic tales of espionage.


Ales Kot Zero


Each issue will focus on a different mission and and is tailored to fit the strengths of its artist. That's right, each issue is a done-in-one story with different art, ideally letting readers choose to jump on whenever they want while still providing an overarching tale that will keep readers coming back for more each month.

Artists confirmed include Connor Willumsen, Mateus Santolouco, Michael Gaydos, Nick Dragotta, Christian Ward, Morgan Jeske, Riley Rossmo, and more!

Kot's other book, The Surface, focuses on three hackers who have decided to abandon the US after they've decided that laws have slowly crept too close to fascism, too close to the dystopias we all read in high school.


Ales Kot The Surface


The Surface, where the book gets its title from, is a near mythical place that everyone has heard about but nobody has seen, and our hackers are searching for it as their way out.

What they find, however, exceeds their deepest hopes, and perhaps some of their bleakest nightmares as well. The Surface is set to be a fast-paced psychedelic SF thriller while also serving as an exploration of forgiveness, dreams, and evolution.

Langdon Foss (Get Jiro) is on art duties for this four-issue miniseries.

Zero #1 is set to debut this coming May, while The Surface will be hitting comic shops in the latter half of 2013.




Superstar duo Andy Diggle and Jock (The Losers) will be reuniting again with their first book for Image, Snapshot. While this was originally published in black-and-white in Judge Dredd Megazine, Image will be releasing a full-color version for next year.

The mini will be about a comic fan who accidentally grabs the phone of a hitman, with shenanigans ensuing.


Three Diggle Jock


Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly team up to tell the other side of 300 in their miniseries, Three, which is centered on the slaves that went on the run from the Spartans.

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky give us Sex Criminals, which... well... we'll just let Fraction speak for himself here:


Fraction Zdarsky Sex Criminals



Fraction is also teaming with Howard Chaykin for a brand new drama series called Satellite Sam, where a children't television host is found dead with a box of photos of all of the women he's ever slept with.

Satellite Sam


Speakin of Chaykin, he's also got another solo series in the wake of Black Kiss, called Midnight of the Soul, and try as I might, I don't know that I could pitch a series better than Chaykin already has. Take a look and tell me that you wouldn't want to read this:




Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta team up again with East of West, a sci-fi western that has the four horsemen (you know, the ones of the Apocalypse) deciding to hunt and kill the President of the United States. That sentence, that one right there, is why I love comics.


Hickman East of West


Hickman, as if he isn't already busy enough with two Avengers books, Manhattan Projects, and other things, is also apparently releasing a graphic novel called Feel Better Now, about psychiatrists who decide to screw around with their patients. Oh, and he's drawing this one too.

We're not done yet; Lost Vegas is a sci-fi story about an space-faring gambler who has made enough money to escape his planet and is coming to us from the talents of Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee (Return of the Dapper Men).


Lost Vegas


Finally, though we're sure there's more in store for Image in 2013, The End Times of Bram & Ben is James Asmus and Jim Festante's take on the Apocalypse with a heavy dose of comedy, following the titular characters as they have been left behind after the rapture, surviving during the war between heaven and hell.


End Times of Bram & Ben


The team here at Comics Bulletin has already been talking about how difficult this year will be for our top 10 of 2012, with three months still left. 2013 Looks to like it's going to kick off with more of the same.

It's a great time to love comics.


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