Corey Taylor Bothers us with vanity project through Dark Horse

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Stone Sour lead singer Corey Taylor, whose band apparently does “heavy metal” music, despite their only hit sounding decidedly like Nickelback, which is apparently a thing the world still supports even while Little Boots has yet to release her second album, has announced today that he will be writing a four-issue miniseries for Dark Horse, starting in April. Called House of Gold & Bones, the series will be a sci-fi/fantasy tale which also works as a morality play.

In perhaps the worst-written piece ever seen in the USA Today, you can find out practically nothing about the series, especially not details like who the artist will be. However, upon reading the article, one does get to enjoy USA Today accidentally making this sound like the most racially dubious comic in years. Our hero is called ‘The Man’, who fights ‘Black John’ for some reason. Of course, we’re all hoping that this moniker is a reflection of John’s inner darkness and not, y’know, his race, but the article gives us no confirmation.

Here’s a look at the cover for issue #1. We have no idea who drew it.

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