NYCC: Legendary news from Guillermo Del Toro & Grant Morrison

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By Natalie Parker

Legendary Entertainment's pre-New York Comic Con media event played host to announcements for their comics division from film director Guillermo Del Toro and industry giant Grant Morrison.

First up is Annihilator by Grant Morrison: a psychological sci-fi thriller that looks set to defy and transcend such simple attempts at classification. The story centers around screenwriter Ray Spass as he desperately struggles to write a studio headline movie: the titular Annihilator.

Diagnosed with a brain tumour and faced with impending deadlines, Spass is running out of time and inspiration until Max Nomax, fictional anti-hero of the movie, mysteriously appears in 21st century Los Angeles with dire warnings of imminent destruction and a mission for Ray.

But Max isn't the only one to make the leap from script to reality…

Still with me? Good. Morrison promises that Annihilator will be "a heart-stopping suspense thriller. A love story. An impossible mystery. A tale of vengeance and defiance, bargains and consequences, life and death; good and evil."

Ominously he adds "but who or what is Max Nomax really? And why is it the more we learn, the less we want to know?"

Legendary also announced a graphic novel for Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming sci-fi epic Pacific Rim. Acting as a prequel to the events of the movie and written by Travis Beacham, writer of the film itself, Legendary described the book as "a must-read for anyone who wants to see the movie," as it will provide "important details on the characters and the lead up to the story arc of the movie."

More than just a simple tie-in or adaptation, Legendary hopes to make Pacific Rim a cross-media event, bringing up the world building that goes on in the graphic novel, itself split into three distinct parts.

"Each part tells a complete episode of that history, dipping selectively in and out of character backstories and sometimes focusing on new characters who aren't necessarily in the movie. The idea is to expand the universe and explore how this war has affected not only our heroes, but the world beyond the film."

With these announcements coming on the back of news of Legendary's first original release, The Tower Chronicles by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley, 2013 is shaping up to be a big year for the multimedia company.

No artist has been announced yet for Pacific Rim.

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