NYCC: Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise joins the Digital Revolution

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By Natalie Parker

New York Comic-Con has begun, the crowds have gathered and the announcements are, well, being announced! You can't be there (and neither can I, woe) but others are there for us, and we're here for you. So, without further ado…

Abstract Studio and comiXology have announced that the entirety of Terry Moore's seminal epic, Strangers in Paradise, is being made available digitally. All 107 issues, compiled in a massive 19 trades are available today for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, and web users. For users of the latest iPad there's an extra-special treat: the series utilises comiXology's high-definition CMX-HD format.

If you've never read Strangers in Paradise, then you've missed out on something special. Romance, mystery, comedy, thriller – this multiple award winning book has it all and more. Co-founder and comiXology CEO David Steinberger hopes to bring the experience to the users of his digital app:

"With the perfect mix of humor, romance and drama, Strangers in Paradise is an amazing read for hard-core comic fans and new readers alike, and we're honoured to bring the entire amazing work to our world-wide audience."

Creator Terry Moore, whose currently ongoing Rachel Rising and recently concluded Echo titles are both already available via comiXology, is enthusiastic about digital comics for both their ability to reach a new audience and the reading experience that comiXology offers:

"I've been loving experiencing Rachel Rising and Echo in guided view, and both look fantastic in CMX-HD. I can't wait to hear what fans have to say about Strangers in Paradise on comiXology."


Strangers in Paradise is, as you may have gathered, available today on comiXology.


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