Marvel Comics Cover Reveals: the "Amateurs" and "Killers" of Young Avengers & Uncanny X-Force

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Natalie Parker has TWO bits of Marvel NOW! news:


First up, the Young Avengers are set to return as Marvel draws back the curtain, with a Q&A revealing their bright young things… finally!



The creative team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have been teasing fans over Twitter for months; steadily building up fan anticipation since their initial simultaneous tweet of a cover featuring Tumblr-favourite Kid Loki, Young Avengers poster boy Wiccan and breakout star of last year's Casey-penned Vengeance mini, Miss America Chavez.



Last week's one word teaser labelled the team as "Amateurs" but Jamie McKelvie's cover reveals a teen-dream roster, with the previously teased trio being joined by Young Avengers mainstays Teddy "Hulkling" Altman and Kate "Hawkeye" Bishop. The final member, however, is a genuine (and most decidedly welcome) surprise: Noh-Varr, last seen abandoning the Avengers during AvX.



The second, surprise cover of the day is for Sam Humphries and Ron Garney's Uncanny X-Force #1, beautifully pencilled by Oliver Coipel.

First impressions? Storm. Mohawk. STORM. MOHAWK.

Be still, my beating heart.

There's no word as yet from Sam Humphries on the cover's main talking point; the reveal of a mystery woman, garbed in an outfit strikingly similar to the presently-deceased Fantomex. When questioned on Twitter, his only response was "my lips are sealed." Cue dramatic music!

"Lady Fantomex" (Femtomex? Fantamex? Fantomette?) is the latest addition to Humphries' Uncanny X-Force, joining Psylocke, Puck, Spiral and Storm as they venture into the "dark places of the Marvel Universe" to deal with the threats that other heroes can't or won't face. 



Is Bishop, the fallen hero whose face looms large behind the team the first of those threats, or a potentially ally waiting to be redeemed?

We'll let you know.

Young Avengers and Uncanny X-Force are both set to arrive in January, as part of Marvel NOW!



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