Announcement: Valentine Volume 1 from Image

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Image Comics will publish Valentine Volume 1: The Ice Death, a print edition of the digital comic Valentine by Alex de Campi and artists Christine Larsen and Tim Durning. This initial volume will collect the first ten chapters of Valentine plus an exclusive 42-page story drawn by Cassandra James. The cover is by Steven Belledin.

Here's what Image has to say on the matter:

The year is 1812, and Valentine is one of the few soldiers left of Napoleon's once-mighty army felled by the Russian winter. Given a mysterious package by a dying general with orders to see it safely back to France, Valentine finds himself pursued through the snow by blood-eyed monsters who intent on stopping him.

In an epic tale of war, love, and unexpected journeys, an unlikely hero discovers that fairy tales are true. Humans share the earth with other beings, trapped here while the world is drained of the magic that sustains them. They want only one thing: to return home. And their only way back is through Valentine.

"It's been an unbelievable amount of fun to write a cliffhangerrific supernatural thriller, with twist upon twist to keep readers on the edge of their seat," said the Eisner-nominated de Campi (Smoke). "I grew up reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, and suddenly finding myself elbow-deep in the fantasy toybox has been a delight. I've really enjoyed grabbing the beloved tropes and expectations of the genre and both respecting them and twisting/subverting them at the same time. If you think this is a historical thriller, for example, you are so, so wrong. The book is a wild ride."



Valentine Volume 1: The Ice Death goes on sale September 5, 2012. The Diamond order code is JUL120391.


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