Announcement: Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads is Baaaaack

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Only one issue of Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads came out from Oni Press in 2007 before Graham had to put the project on hold for a number of reasons. But now it's back, and Image Comics is publishing Multiple Warheads as a full-color, four-issue miniseries with a 48-page #1 starting in October.

Here's how Image and Graham himself describe the project:

Just as rife with wordplay and wild with futuristic details (Vat-grown radiation-sniffing squids! Self-heating root vegetables! Musical caffeine cigarettes! Organic, mobile palaces!) as the reader-beloved KING CITY, MULTIPLE WARHEADS is a project where Graham has let his mind wander the open road. At the same time, he keeps the lives of his characters, grounded with familiar sentiments and actions.

"I'm really interested in exploring a big fantasy Russia and letting myself wander off of the main path in a similar way to what I did in King City," said Graham, "But I want show the bizarre lives of a woman who smuggles magic organs and her werewolf mechanic boyfriend in a kind of matter-of-fact way."

Brandon Graham's been having a pretty great year, creatively speaking, with his take on Extreme Studios' Prophet (with Simon Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis and Farel Dalyrmple) straight killing it in the comics game and his biggest work King City finally being collected in a big trade paperback.

Make sure to check out the August issue of Previews and get your local comic shop to order Multiple Warheads.

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