VIDEO GAMES: Silver Dollar Games Unveils One Finger Death Punch

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Silver Dollar Games seems to be making a turn around, if the latest trailer for their upcoming Xbox Live Indie Game, One Finger Death Punch, is any indication. Typically known for unsavory titles such as Don't Be Nervous Talking to Girls and Try Not to Fart,  Death Punch closer resembles an intriguing mix between Irem's pseudo-classic Kung Fu and the melee combat of Batman: Arkham City. Players will fight using the tap of a single button, with no directional input required. To make this work, Silver Dollar is implementing a "1:1 response system" and 21 unlockable skills. Other content planned includes 250 stages, 8 different gameplay modes, and 3 different difficulty levels.

Silver Dollar Games ensures that they are working hard to make something memorable. Hopefully that work ethic and clever mix of proven gameplay formulas translates to success whenever One Finger Death Punch finds its way onto the Xbox Live Indie Game service.

- Andrew Sacks

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