Ed Brubaker Takes Solace in Marvel's Immense Conflict

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by Travis Moody

Report: Ed Brubaker on Avengers vs. X-Men

Hollywood's Meltdown Comics typically has an interesting array of events lined up, but one featuring Marvel's popular scribe Ed Brubaker is a must-see. And as it just so happens, the Captain America and Winter Soldier scribe is ready to unleash his event-contributing wrath this Wednesday with Avengers vs. X-Men #3. Brubaker sat down with The Hollywood Reporter in front of a packed Nerdist Theater a short time ago in preparation for this project.

Brubaker contends that, despite the Avengers vs. X-Men event becoming a topic just after Civil War (about five years ago), there's no doubt that a "TV war room-like spontaneity" will be the creative operational procedure. After the host related the Marvel trust to the producers of the hit show Lost, Brubaker retorted to crowd amusement: "No, they knew all along… Don't dis Lost. They knew it was all about putting a rock into… a hole. Spoilers!"

Report: Ed Brubaker on Avengers vs. X-MenOne of the ideas for AvX (or even before, with Messiah Complex) that -- perhaps thankfully -- didn't make the cutting room floor was the thought of Emma Frost holding a baby resembling Jean Grey. The "[Hope-less scene] was just one of those ideas that everyone in the room was thinking, 'Really?'"

After basically "drawing straws" between writers to determine who would write which issue of AvX and how many, Bru also mentioned the process would come down to "who would be a better fit for 'X' part or who really wanted to write/draw such and such a scene," adding, ever so candidly, that artist Olivier Coipel's contributions in the event's second act were "some of the best issues [he's] ever done. I managed not to get on an issue [drawn by Coipel], which totally sucks."

Brubaker also had no problem being frank on the topic of superhero death. As the proprietary idea-man behind the hugely successful "Death of Captain America" story arc, the writer noted to irritated fans that, "Gwen Stacey is still dead. You never know! Banshee is still dead. That's one I killed that's just… staying dead!" Brubaker also had the Meltdown crowd rocking with his mention of the film death of Darwin: "I [also] created the character that got killed from the last X-Men movie whose superpower was to 'not be able to die.' Or pay royalties."

The Fatale writer summed up his enjoyment as a part of the company line-wide event when he said, "I almost at one point wish I wasn't working on [Avengers vs. X-Men] so I could just read these issues. And I tried as hard as possible not to."

A few other highlights from the Q&A at the Nerdist Theater:

·         Bru would much rather write an Immortal Iron Fist movie than a Captain America one because "a kung-fu movie would be awesome. Like, big-crazy kung-fu."

·         Answering a fan question, the Captain America writer doesn't have a favorite between Steve Rogers and James "Bucky" Barnes, despite writing more issues with Buck sporting the shield. "I always knew that while [Bucky] was Captain America, he would be the Winter Soldier, get sent to Russia and would all tee up to having his own book eventually."

·         Which comic Ed isn't writing does he wish he could write? "When the question comes back to me (i.e., at this past Emerald Comic Con), I look over at Dan [Slott} and say, Spider-Man. And he gets really worried," continuing facetiously, "[I'm] not settling for Peter Parker, Web, or Avenging. None of that stuff. Amazing Spider-Man or nothing!"

·         The last storyline he did in Criminal is Brubaker's favorite thing he ever did. Alan Moore's V for Vendetta his favorite comic that someone else did. And Joe Hill's Locke & Key is his favorite present comic.

·         In addition to this week's issue #3, Brubaker will also pen Avengers vs. X-Men #10.

Travis Moody writes for Comics Bulletin from the glitzy and glamorous world of Hollywood, CA. You can also find him at his blog, God Hates Geeks.

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