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New American Standard is excited to announce the launch of SLEDGEHAMMER (a sci fi film) on, a funding platform for creative projects where if the target amount is not met then no money is taken from donators at all. Nestled in the small town of Vista is a little studio with big dreams. Founded in December 2006, New American Standard is a film studio createdby Mark Bealo and helmed by his partners Frank Silas and Kevin Calumpit. Frank Silas is a Producer, Director, and Video Game artist. He's worked on blockbuster projects like Transformers, and withGaming legends like Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto.  He’s also taught concept art and 3-D modeling at the LA Film School. Today he's living out his true dream of making movies. His first film "BOX" is an award winning short film. SLEDGEHAMMER is a sci fi film completewith monsters, alien planets, and a battle on the far side of the universe. SLEDGEHAMMER features a cast of San Diego locals and stars Bethany Farrington.New American Standard is raising money through the creative funding vehicle known as Kickstarter.Its’ a website that hosts thousands of creative projects from film, dance, theater, music, art, photography, design, fashion, food, technology, publishing comics, and more. Each project has anywhere from 30 or more days to garner support and funding. If projects are not funded 100% by their deadline then no money is released to the project. The deadline for SLEDGEHAMMER is Thursday April 5th, 2012. As described on the Kickstarter website it’s an“All or Nothing” fundraising policy.  The goal is to raise $40,000 which will support more technology to create Hollywood style visual effects. The rewards featured on the Kickstarter site vary from Executive Producer credits, digital downloads of the film, and even your very own opportunity to create monsters that will be featured in the movie. Save the Galaxy with SLEDGEHAMMER a sci fi film at:

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