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Director Edgar Wright (of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) tweeted this picture yesterday, showing his fans that he is "hard at work" with Simon Pegg on the final film in the "Cornetto Trilogy", The World's End.

I don't know about you, but seeing this, I think it's going to be awesome!







Miles Morales Named "Best New Character of 2011" by USA Today!

USA Today did a Best in Comics of 2011 article and named the new Ultimate Universe Spider-Man, Miles Morales, as their best new character!

If you haven't been reading the series, you should be ashamed of yourself. At least there's a premium hardcover coming out with the first five issues...


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The New Batman, Incorporated Run Will Be Morrison's Last Batman Story


DC had recently announced their "second wave" of New 52 titles (along with a few cancellations) and one title was the return of Batman, Incorporated. For Bruce Wayne fans, the first arc was a breath of fresh air into the very long line of Batman stories that we have had. After all, bringing Bruce Wayne back as Batman could easily have muddled all the great things done with Dick Grayson under the cowl.

But Batman series editor Mike Marts tells The Source that this will be the final story in Grant Morrison's "saga". He says:


Grant Morrison’s new Batman, Incorporated series is the final, unbelievable act of a saga six years in the making."


Morrison has done some fantastic work with the Batman character these past few years. While it is sad to see him go (and it truly is), I'm glad it is currently being left in fine hands of Scott Snyder. And Batman, Incorporated will keep living on in the Batman comics anyway with titles like Batwing.

And don't forget to check out the uncolored, unlettered pages from the upcoming Batman, Incorporated above!


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Archie Co-Publisher Ordered by Judge to Keep Away from Archie (Betty and Veronica are getting jealous!)


The battle between Archie Comics Co-CEOs Jon Goldwater and Nancy Silberkleit has been getting fairly heated. Now, the judge has granted Archie a restraining order against Silberkleit, banning her from representing herself as a member or contacting any members of Archie Comics Productions.

Judge Shirley Kornreich ordered:


At no point is she to go to the offices, and she is not to present herself to anyone as representing Archie Comics Productions, and she is not to do any work for Archie Comics Productions."


I am interested in seeing how this one plays out. Especially considering that Silberkleit has been ignoring the judge's rulings so far at this point. Archie Comics has been doing some fantastic things in the last year and it would be a shame if this did anything to shine a negative light on the company.


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Here's a preview of some unlettered pages from Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #7; written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Chris Samnee, colors by Justin Ponsor and cover by Kaare Andrews:





I was missing Sara Pichelli's art at first, but I am really starting to dig Chris Samnee's!






Famed DC cover artist Adam Hughes explains what is going on (or what isn't) with All-Star Wonder Woman:


"I was working with Geoff Johns on All-Star Batman & Robin, originally. That was before Frank Miller and Jim Lee had the book. At some point someone at DC said 'Why do we have Adam drawing All-Star Batman & Robin when he should really be doing All-Star Wonder Woman?' No one had a good answer for that, so they offered me All-Star Wonder Woman. Geoff and I started hashing out the story, but when Geoff got so busy writing many regular DC projects, I ended up getting the all the creative chores for All-Star Wonder Woman, with Geoff's blessing.

"I would work on it, and then get sidetracked by single-illustration assignments, covers and such, because they pay faster. I'm really slow, and doing interior work that doesn't pay until you get lots of pages in the drawer isn't conducive to paying the bills. Especially when you're trying to buy your first home or your wife has a medical condition that requires a lot of money to take care of. All-Star Wonder Woman would get worked on in what is laughably referred to as my 'spare time.' I just ended up with less and less time to devote to it. Eventually, we all realized that it was taking forever, so we just all agreed to hold off on it 'til the time was right to do it properly."


I have been waiting for this book like Amy Pond waited for The Doctor! Adam Hughes on interiors is something that really ought to be done. Plus, having him write it would be something at least interesting to read. Let's just hope that the time is right soon enough...


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@radiomaru: Pretty sure comics went down the shitter when Marvel started using Mixed Case Lettering

@radiomaru: Pretty sure comics went down the shitter when the Punisher Killed the Marvel Universe -- why didn't those deaths stick???

@radiomaru: Pretty sure comics went down the shitter when hipsters started making ironic jokes about comics on twitter

@jeffparker: I wasn't jealous of @markwaid's trophy cabinet until I saw those batarangs on the wall, goddammit.

@JeffLemire: I'd love to write a story where Maxine meets Gus and Wendy.

@laura_hudson: Teaming up with @Agent_M for a @welovefinetees contest to do what I do best: QUIETLY JUDGE OTHERS http://bit.ly/xxcwvW

@bclevinger: @laura_hudson Quietly? #zing

@sterlinggates: The Growing Pains theme song is stuck in my head, and it just. Won't. Leave. :(

@BrianBooch: @sterlinggates start thinking golden girls. That might help.

@DanSlott: Great Godzilla toy or GREATEST Godzilla toy? http://instagr.am/p/kn2-K/

@DanSlott: OK, how about now? :-) http://instagr.am/p/kn6bO/

@evandorkin: They only like you as long as you're working on Batman. And you've never worked on Batman. Apologize to the Direct Market, loser.









In indie band Wilco's first music video in twelve years, they went for a music video with the characters from Popeye, in the vain of old the old Fleischer Popeye cartoons. It's pretty awesome, especially with Jeff Tweedy walking away with Olive Oyl in the end!




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