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Pop! Goes the Icon to debut at Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

Posted: Monday, October 5, 2009
Posted By: Kevin Powers

Pop! Goes the Icon to debut at Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

After months of building momentum on the internet with a flurry of hints, announcements and twice-weekly updates of its premier webcomic, The Utopian, Pop! Goes the Icon is making its public debut with an appearance at the second annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival on Saturday, Nov. 7 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Comic Book Fest is part of the larger Vegas Valley Book Festival, being held at a variety of venues across Las Vegas from Nov. 4 to 8.

Publisher Pj Perez will be on hand with freebies such as buttons and postcards, as well as copies of The Utopian #1, the first print collection of his semi-weekly webcomic series. Also the inaugural print release from PGTI, The Utopian #1 is a 36-page comic featuring never-before published material and new artwork as well as stories previously only available online. Two versions, a "standard" black-and-white edition and a "deluxe," full-color edition, will be available for purchase, featuring respective covers by local artists Mark T. Zeilman and Hernan Valencia. Pre-orders are being accepted online at, and the books are slated for Oct. 14 release. Review copies are available upon request in both print and digital formats.

Next year, PGTI will begin publishing Omega Comics Presents, a quarterly, black-and-white comic book anthology series featuring three 8-to-10 page stories per issue, both standalone and serialized. Omega Comics Presents' goal is to showcase unknown and underexposed writers and artists, and will be available in both print and downloadable editions. Submissions for the anthology are still being accepted at

About Pop! Goes the Icon

Pop! Goes the Icon (PGTI) is a boutique print and online publishing house, specializing in sequential art both in traditional pamphlet form (comic books) and as online presentations (webcomics) as well as prose books, posters, prints and whatever else seems cool. More information can be found at

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