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Egmont UK To Publish New Comic Strip Adventure The Rainbow Orchid

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2008
Posted By: Kevin Powers

Egmont UK to publish new comic strip adventure The Rainbow Orchid

The Rainbow Orchid, written and drawn by Garen Ewing, is a new and exciting comic strip adventure to be published by Egmont in 2009. The Rainbow Orchid will join the Tintin series on Egmont's publishing list. The Rainbow Orchid is the latest in a number of recent acquisitions by Egmont UK as it grows its share of the children's book market in the UK.

The Rainbow Orchid is an adventure story in the "Ligne Claire" style, the term given to the drawing style developed by Hergé and others in the 1970's.

Set in the 1920s, The Rainbow Orchid tells of the search for a mythical flower last mentioned by the ancient Greek philosopher and botanist, Theophrastus. The story's hero, Julius Chancer, is a determined adventurer who travels to the forgotten valleys of India to find the orchid while the villainous Urkaz Grope does everything in his power to stop him. The story will be available in three volumes, with book one publishing in 2009.

The story has been in existence as a number of short series and an online comic for some time and was nominated for two National Comic awards at the Bristol Comics Festival. The series already enjoys a varied international readership online.

David Riley for Egmont publishing said, "The Rainbow Orchid is traditional adventure at its best, and a fantastically modern creation. The concept and design have real stand-out quality and the series will appeal to fans of comics, design, illustration, or those who just love a good adventure! The market has never been more right for a series like The Rainbow Orchid."

Author and illustrator Garen Ewing has been writing and drawing comics since childhood.. In 2002 work on The Rainbow Orchid began in earnest and the series was soon picked for representation by Blake Friedmann.

Oliver Munson at Blake Friedmann said, "From the outset, Garen and I were extremely impressed by Egmont's passion and vision for The Rainbow Orchid. When you look at the enormous success they've had over the years with household names such as Tintin, we really could not have found a better home for young Mr. Chancer."

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